Is Content Scraping A Form Of Black Hat SEO Technique: What You Need To Know - Expert From Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan

The Content Strategist of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan, warns that duplication of content in order to increase the volume of content pages on your website can quickly ruin your online campaign. In SEO, feeding your users with original and fresh content is a long-term strategy that can earn your site real traffic. However, dwelling on black hat SEO techniques can get you in real trouble with Google.

Also known as duplication of content, content scraping is one of the black hats SEO techniques mostly used by webmasters to rank high for their converting keywords. Some webmasters have been working on the assumption that increasing volume pages to a website helps in boosting users engagement and improving business visibility. However, this notion has been proved wrong by SEO professionals as posting duplication content to a site leads to high bounce rate.

Useful information on scraped content

Boosting your users' engagement and hitting your target market in real time is of uttermost importance when it comes to online and internet marketing. Posting interactive, original, and fresh content on your website helps to grab your potential visitors' attention. However, some webmasters have been taking a shortcut route by optimizing their websites for scraped content for their converting keyword to mark relevant.

Scraped content is commonly marked as a copyright infringement practice executed by webmasters to boost users' engagement and earn real traffic. Strategies implemented by marketing consultants, online marketers, and webmasters to rank in the algorithms tell more about them. Taking your ample time to generate interactive content and provide useful information to your potential visitors is worth it. Make your users keep coming back for more content from your website by adding value to your content.

Search engines regularly update their algorithms to detect duplicated and scraped content. Here are few examples of scraping as a form of black hat SEO:

Copying and republishing content

Republishing and copying content from other websites without adding useful information to the material is a form of black hat SEO technique that can jeopardize your online campaign. To avoid scraping, consider adding valuable and interactive information to your content to reach out your users.

Use of automated techniques

Using automated techniques to modify an existing article by merely substituting synonyms is a black hat SEO technique. Instead of replacing a current article with synonyms to create hundreds or thousands of articles, take time to generate fresh content and improve your business visibility.

Embedding content such as viral videos

If you have been embedding content from other websites without adding any form of value to the end-user, consider revising your strategy to avoid being banned and blacklisted by search engines algorithms.

Reproducing feeds from other websites

E-commerce websites that reproduce and copy feed on other sites and fail to add unique content with a sole intention of benefiting users can face a ban from Google without negotiating the results.

Search engine optimization is a long-term scheme that works on improving business visibility and boosting users' engagement through the non-paid results. Being termed as a black hat SEO technique, scraping content has led to the termination of many websites. If you have been executing one of the above-highlighted practices, consider revising your strategies and hit your target market using the white hat SEO techniques.

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